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2011 Working in Mexico - Expresses the Joy of her Clients

Lydia’s Top Choices Where to Get Married –  Based on Personal Travels

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At the Coveted #1 is Dubai


Why Dubai – It’s where fantasy meets wealth meets reality meet fame!

Dubai is a melting pot of international culture.

Today, Dubai is one of the most astounding “places to be”, with its breathtaking skyscrapers, its manmade eighth wonder of the world “The Palm”, distinguished building of world the “Burj Dubai”, and the wonderful nature surrounding all this incredible landscape.

It is the second city of the UAE, and with the dynamic leadership and ambition of the governing Al Makhtoum family and the wealth generated through the oil industry, the Emirate of Dubai has its sights firmly set on becoming the premier tourism destination in the Middle East, and the world.

Dubai offers its visitors an exciting lifestyle, the best of customer care services, and an undisputable choice of luxury and uniqueness. With unrivalled beaches, surrounded by mysterious deserts, sand dunes and the stunning Hajar Mountains, the city has developed into a world leader in every field that it enters. Still, you can sip your drink in front of its beautiful turquoise sea or be amazed by the ever changing colors of the desert as you travel from dawn to sunset.

Dubai hosts many International events throughout the year, there are great sporting facilities, including 5 championship quality golf courses to entertain you, and some outstanding architecture to marvel at while you play. Without a doubt, it’s many world class shopping malls (each with its own distinct theme) in Dubai coupled with the duty free shopping available makes it a true shopper’s paradise.  – Personally I couldn’t stop shopping until I boarded my flight

It has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of clubs and spectacular restaurants to dine, and of course the excellent climate (especially when it freezing and snowing here) which makes it a great city to visit at almost any time of the year. That’s why it voted by #1

At #2 Australia

From my trip in 2003

With its renown famed opera house in Sydney!  The Sydney Opera House is unquestionably the most famous recognized structures in the world.  Recognized as one of the modern wonders of the world, The Sydney Opera House is set on one of the most beautiful blankets of water on Earth – Sydney Harbor!

Awe – Bondi – Who can escape its famous beauty!   Get married on Bondi or Walk from Bondi to Coogee

You take in breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean as you walk the winding, sea-sculpted sandstone cliffs between Bondi and Coogee. Swim in the famous Bondi Icebergs rock pool or just watch the swimmers with a sunset cocktail from the restaurant above.  See wild waves in Tamarama, nicknamed Glamarama for the beautiful people who lie on its golden sand. From mid-October to November, the stretch from here to Bondi is transformed into an outdoor gallery for the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition. You can surf, picnic on the grass or stop for a coffee at family-friendly Bronte. Or swim, snorkel or scuba dive in Clovelly and tranquil Gordon’s Bay. See the graves of poets Henry Lawson, Dorothea Mackellar and aviator Lawrence Hargrave in Waverley Cemetery, on the edge of the cliffs. Finish your tour in the scenic, backpacker haven of Coogee.

And of course get married on the Beach! And for an adventures honeymoon, of course, swim in the Great Barrier Reef!

At #3 Barbados

As one of the local commercials says “Glorious gracious Barbados”, this beautiful Island in the Caribbean is indeed a gracious Island!   The  Island is affectionately known as ‘Little England’ and with it’s round-abouts in many places you feel like you are in England!  Driving is very easy…  Not to worry you can’t ever get lost in this Island, just keep following the bus signs “way to City” or “out of City”!  I totally love this Island and have personally visited it at least 20 times!

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, each with their own distinct character, interconnected by a fairly decent road system of which the ABC highway is the main artery, running through the center of the island connecting the island from one end to the other.

It is home to the beautiful beaches and delicious Flying fish, and the host to wonderful Night Life…  Spend a day on a white sandy beach.  Try some flying fish.  Enjoy a rum punch.  Go down to my favorite spot Oystins (Oystins is the place to be for the best fish on the planet! The music and the food is what makes a great Bajan Lime).   Learn why many surfers head down to this Island!  There is a host of duty-free shopping; all you need is your passport and ticket and “shop til you drop”!  Visit the Wildlife Reserve and see a green monkey,  take a tour of Harrison’s Cave.

Get Married In Barbados

The weather is next to perfect so it is the best place to have an outdoor or a beach wedding! Lots of hotels to choose from and the list is endless!  There is the Luxury of Sandy Lane, or Beauty of Crane Resort, for weddings choices are endless… And there is so much for your guests to do, this one is like no other Island in the Caribbean they will totally love you for taking them to Barbados for your wedding.

At #4 Cayman Islands

The beautiful Cayman Islands located  in the Western Caribbean… A British ruled Island.  The Cayman Island consist of 3 Islands, Grand Cayman (my personal favorite to visit), Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman has a very modern sophistication about it for a Caribbean Island, with its Capital Georgetown and many more is just a start to some of the places that your guest will enjoy visiting on this your destination wedding spot.

Getting Married in Grand Cayman

It offers the beauty of the luscious 7 Mile Beach.  Literally 7 miles of beach!  Perfect White Sandy Beach on one of the most sophisticated Islands in the Caribbean for your destination beach wedding.  It comes with many Hotel choices including Luxury Hotels, (Ritz Carlton & Marriott Hotel), Boutique Hotels, Villas and Condo Resorts.

You could get married in one Island and fly to one of the other 2 for your honeymoon!

Your guests will praise you for picking this Island destination for your wedding.  They will love love Stingray City, where they’ll get to swim with Stingrays and feed Stingrays.  Yes Stingray, don’t worry these are very tame and very people friendly.  With many more places to visit like Turtle Farm, “Hell” and much more your guests will never ever be bored!


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