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We are totally pumped and beyond excited to introduce our Posh Interviews of Industry Experts!

01/03/13 – Interview-  Nancy Ajram

TTT Events Planning , LLC - Nancy Ajram

I am very happy, honored, and grateful to have as part of our “Posh Interviews”, the very talented multi-platinum Lebanese signer Nancy Ajram.

Nancy has been considered by many the “Britney Spears” and “Beyonce” of the Middle East. She is an international best selling recording artist.

Nancy is the first and only female sponsor and spokesperson of Coco-Cola in the Middle East and Arab World.

She was described on The Oprah Winfrey Show as “one of the most influential personalities of the Middle East”.

TTT Events Planning - Interviews Nancy Ajram

Our Interview – January 2013

​Nancy, I admire your courage, work ethics, and the amazing personal connection you have with your fans. Where did the idea of becoming a professional singer and performing at weddings come from? ​Since I was a little child, I always wanted to sing. My grandmother used to sing all the time at home so I learned from her, and step by step I worked hard to achieve my dream and become a class A singer in the Middle East and hopefully internationally too.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part is seeing people interacting with me on stage and singing and dancing with me. Then, I know that I can really make them happy

When performing a song at a wedding what are the top three things you consider?

The style of the wedding, the bride and the groom preferences and creating a lively atmosphere

What are your 3 favorite venues/countries that you have or would like to perform at?

I cannot define just 3 countries or venues. Each venue has its own spirit and characteristics

Who or what inspires you?

As I previously said, in the beginning I was inspired by my grandmother. But now I am also inspired by my audience, my daughters, and my family

What makes you stand out as one of the most famous Lebanese Artist?

I think that the ingredients of stardom are known. You have to have a beautiful voice, nice looks, know how to combine all together and work hard on yourself to reach your goal

What life lessons or tips would you like to share with your fans around the world?

No matter how great or good or famous you are, modesty is the greatest of virtues.

What advice can you give brides who are on the fence about hiring/having live performance from a professional singer?

If you are capable, just do it! You will have an amazing atmosphere and wonderful night for yourself and your guests

What’s your obsession right now?

Preserving my position in the world of art and raising my family

What have you learned from your parents or your culture that you have implemented?

Always be honest, transparent and straight in everything you do in life.

When you aren’t performing, what are you doing?

Spending time with my kids, preparing my songs and videos and exercising.

Tell us something we don’t know about you or your fans? I am a very sensitive person and my fans love me for it

Nancy, thank you very much for your time | نانسي، شكرا جزيلا على وقتك​

Think Events Planning - Interview Nancy Ajram

For More of the Full Interview Click here – Posh Interviews – Nancy Ajram


October 2012 – Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey working in the South of France

I am very thrilled I was able to catch up with my good friend Mr. Preston Bailey, a household name and expert in the Wedding & Events Design World for this interview.  We adore his “out-the-box” creativity that has attracted the likes of Royalty, Business Moguls, and endless Celebrities.  Preston shares how he got into the business and more…

Where did the idea of your business come from?

From a good friend the Interior Designer Vicente Wolf

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Getting know my clients and knowing I “get” them.

When you walk/scout a venue, what are the top three things you look for?

a. The color of the walls (best to work off Neutral)

b. Color of the carpet (best if it is not bold)

c. Lighting

Name 3 favorite NY outdoor venues and Indoor Venues…


Metropolitan Museum of Art

The St. Regis ballroom

The Plaza ballroom


What inspires you?

The beauty of Mother Nature, I hardly ever get outdoors, except to get to my clients house.

What makes you stand out as the “Go-to” Event Designer out there?

I am not afraid to try something new and different.

What are your top tips to clients?

Be realistic about their budgets.

What advice can you give people who are on the fence about hiring an event/wedding designer?

None.  If they decide not to, let’s talk after their event. Usually they’ll change their minds.

What’s your current obsession right now?

I have no obsessions.  I find them counter-productive.

What’s your motto you learned from your parents or your culture?

Mi casa es su casa, and to Treat your guests like kings and queens

When you aren’t doing this, what are you doing?

I am very active so I am working out or relaxing with friends

Tell us something we don’t know about you or your business?

We like the “cowboy” mentality, to go where no man or woman have gone before.

About Preston

Preston Bailey working in the South of France


Preston Bailey was born and raised in the tropical paradise of Panamá. Moving to New York City in 1968, he began his career in the design world as a fashion model at the age of 19.

Ultimately, Preston’s innate talent for design and dramatic sensibilities led him to the event industry. After 30 years in the business, Preston Bailey has become renowned for his gift for completely transforming raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, theatrical environments.

Because of Preston’s unique ability to create breathtaking, memorable events, he has developed a client base that includes royalty, socialites, business moguls and celebrities such as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, Liza Minnelli, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman, Donny Deustch, Jennifer Hudson and Ivanka Trump, among others.

Adding another dimension to his remarkable portfolio, Preston has been tapped for endorsements, launch events and licensing deals by major brands, including Sandals Resorts, Godiva, Hewlett-Packard, 1-800-Flowers, and more. His art installations have been commissioned to draw in consumers at prominent locations across the globe, such as London’s Covent Garden and Hong Kong’s fashionable Landmark Mall. In addition, he is the author of four best-selling books, Design for EntertainingFantasy WeddingsInspirations, and Celebrations. His newest book, Flowers, hit shelves at the beginning of October 2011.

Most recently, Preston partnered with The Wedding Planning Institute to offer a first-of-its-kind wedding and event planning course that is available at nearly 2,000 accredited colleges and universities in the United State, as well as online.

Preston is also much sought after both as a television guest and public speaker. His numerous national television appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, CBS’s The Early Show, and NBC’s Today Show.  He regularly appears in dozens of publications including Town & Country, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle Décor, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and New York Pos









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