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Grow Your Small Business by Utilizing Government Resouces

Dear Readers: I write to you Today about a very passionate subject to me!   STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY TRYING TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. Please Stop Throwing your Business Money/Resources to Empty Promises, Bottomless Money Pits!  I know these companies have to live and feed their families and make a living but you don’t have […]

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Beige Couture

Happy Friday! Beige Couture! Just another one of my favorite colors (Beige) for the Spring and Summer 2012! Hope you enjoy my Beige Couture Inspiration for Today!!!

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Think Events Planning – Spring 2012

Need Some Spring 2012 Shopping Ideas?
Let me Inspire you!

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Is there any difference between an Escort Cards and a Place Cards?

An easy type to remember…
Place Cards are already at the dinner table letting the guests know which specific seat they are assigned to. And the Escort Cards are usually all set up at one Large table for guest to grab their cards usually before entering into the Event.

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Deciding on Wedding Colors

What Color will you choose for your 2012 wedding?
When selecting the colors for your wedding try going with colors that will never be outdated!
Did you know that Blue is the favorite color of at least 50% of the world’s population!

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Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

TTT Events Planning –  Top Pick for Intimate Shower Gifts So you receive an invitation to an “intimate bridal shower” for one of your closest friends, but you have no idea what gift to get her. You know you need some distinguished lingerie!  Something totally different from what your other girls friends are buying. Well […]

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Think Events Planning – Wedding Tips

WEDDING GIFTS 1. You got an invitation to the wedding ceremony but not to the reception, and you’re strapped for cash! ‎Suddenly you have a dilemma… Should I go to the Ceremony? I want to, but I don’t have a gift!‎ Well you will be relieved to know, that according to the Standard Etiquette, “those […]

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Wedding Gifts

According to the Standard Etiquette, “those people who are invited only to the ceremony shouldn’t send a gift.”

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