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Wear a jaw-dropping dress and have a Stunning Cake (Photos: Pinterest)

Buy a bridal gown from a Charity sale! (Photos: Pinterest)

As the economy of the world gets terrible, weddings must still go on…

So how does the average couple have a “Rock Star” Wedding in this Bad Economy?

Here are some tips that work:  5/22/10

1.  Did you know you can save tons of money when you get married on an off-peak day?

How about a Monday, Tuesday or a Wednesday for your wedding?
Most of your close friends and relatives will come to your wedding on any day of the week. They will love and support you on this your most important day.

When we got married 16.5  years ago, we did so on a Friday… It was almost unheard of, to get married on ‎a Friday, but now Friday is one of the most popular nights to get married on.

Friday night’s prices ‎surpassed Sunday’s by far, and are quickly catching up to Saturday night’s.‎

10 years ago, one of my very close friends got married on a Monday evening, at a 5 Star Hotel.

It was awesome, the venue was fabulous, and the cost was incredibly lower than any other weekend night.

The best part of it all–it didn’t feel like a Monday at all!!!

Be a Trend Setter… Set your own Trend!

Get Married on a Monday or Tuesday

Give us a call and we will plan and design a distinguished event for your wedding, your guests will forget what day it is when they see our design!


2.  Save on that Designer Gown….5/22/10

Every Bride wants to step out in a designer’s gown, but the bad economy makes it a bit difficult for some to afford it.

Well did you know that most designers give their gowns to charitable organizations and thrift shops? Hey now you know…

We match you up with right Bridal design shop and also attend a fitting with you.

Contact us or (347) 351-8897, to set up an appointment for your fitting.

So what are you waiting for?

Make that appointment for your very own designers’ gown for $$ your guest will be speechless.

Now step out in your stunning designer dress, and blow your guest away!!!


3. One of the most important, if not the most important way to

CUT COST – The Guest List – 5/22/10

Cut down your guest list!

Cutting your guest list in half gives you that much more spending money to have to distinguished Celebrity Style Wedding!

If you are spending for example $400 per person on catering, and your guest list is at 250 guests, but you cut that list in 1/2,  you will save $50,000, on your catering.

Now that money could be applied into your hiring a professional planner or designer.

Remember – We the events planners have access  industry resources that you may never gain access to.

Which brings me to my fourth way in which to save in this economy.


4. Hire a Professional Wedding and Events Planner.  5/22/2011

How do we help you to save money?

We events planners have access to tons of industry resources, so you don’t have to do the research.

We save you unnecessary stress and precious time – “time is money and money is time”

We do this for a living, thus we  know how to plan and design wedding.

We Develop and manage your realistic budget!


5. Have an Intimate Wedding of up to 20 to 40 Guests 12/13/12

A must Do – look Fabulous and have a Stunning Cake

Wear a jaw-dropping dress and have a Stunning Cake (Photos: Pinterest)

Brides who are working with a very small budget should consider having a very fabulous intimate wedding with up to

40 of their closest friends and relatives.  I know how do you decide on whom to invite? Start with the Parents and Grandparents

Sample Guest List

Bride & Groom               2

Grandparents                 4

Parents                             4

Aunt /Uncle & Guest     8    (you each get to pick 2 aunts or uncles)

Best Friends & Guest     6      (you both get to pick 3 each, which will include you Best-man & Maid of honor)

Vendors                            4      (when catering each vendor is consider 1/2 so you can have up to 8 vendors including Planner,

Designer, photographer and DJ)

You still have room for 2 more Guests!


Call us 347-351-8897 or visit


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