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Tips for Small Business – Ready for Uncle SAM?

Business Tip of the day….Ready for an “Uncle Sam’s Audit”?  4/26/2013 So you get that dreaded letter…”It’s TIME…an Audit from the IRS”….what do you do? Panic… pull your hair out…nibble on your nails? 🙂 When there is slow/down time in your business….its time for you to work on your business infrastructure.  How do you sure-up […]

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Grow Your Small Business by Utilizing Government Resouces

Dear Readers: I write to you Today about a very passionate subject to me!   STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY TRYING TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. Please Stop Throwing your Business Money/Resources to Empty Promises, Bottomless Money Pits!  I know these companies have to live and feed their families and make a living but you don’t have […]

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Multicultural Monday Trivia

In Which Culture did having the Bride stand on the Groom’s Left side originate__________? A) Roman     B) African C) German   D) Indian If you answered (A) you are correct! The Tradition of the Bride standing on the Groom’s Left Originated in Ancient Rome! “This was much more than meaningless etiquette. Among the Northern European […]

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