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Events Planners how do you prepare your couples for Hurricane Irene?

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Aug• 26•11

With the impending Hurricane Irene set to hit land fall by this weekend (which happens to be one of the biggest Wedding Weekends in the US) how do you prepare your Brides and Grooms for this natural disaster?

At TTT Events Planning, LLC we always highly recommend to our clients that they purchase extra Event Insurance coverage only offered to the Wedding Couples.

A Great and exceptional Event Insurance coverage is offered at Traveler’s Insurance…

You just need to make sure that your couples are insured prior to any know natural disaster approaching…

All policies are covered once they were purchased at least 14 prior to any knowledge of an impending disaster on the day of the Event!




You are welcome to do a Google search online… Many company give free quotes!  Just make sure that the insurance company you decide to go with has at least an B+ rating.

We highly recommend Travelers Wedding Protection plan because there is no out of pocket claim need to be paid in advance and their payment is worry free.

We hope you will purchase extra events insurance and rest easily on your wedding day!!!

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