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What does Kim Kardashian and brides have in common?

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Aug• 19•11

They Hire a Professional Bridal Consultant to run the show…






And for her big day Kim & Kris hired Mr.  Colin Cowie.

Hiring a professional Wedding/Events planner is the single most import  Savvy Wedding decision made by a Bride

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? It is single-handily the most import wedding investment you will make… Your professional wedding  planner will save you precious time, and make sure that everything runs smoothly as planned.  They will be your personal advocate, in other words your eyes and ears.   We  assist you in setting a realistic budget and help you stick within it…

Kim Kardashian knows that her mom (manager) and family will always have her back and best interest on her wedding day… But it is  more important that she relaxes and enjoy a stress free wedding, hence hiring a wedding professional.

Like Kim if you hire an events planner for your wedding day, you and all of your family and close friends will be honored guests at your event!  Have a Stress free Event!

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