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Events Planners how do you prepare your couples for Hurricane Irene?

With the impending Hurricane Irene set to hit land fall by this weekend (which happens to be one of the biggest Wedding Weekends in the US) how do you prepare your Brides and Grooms for this natural disaster?

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Brides & Guests Shoes that Makes a Statement

You have found the fabulous dress/outfit for the Events… but now you need that  “Jaw-dropping Shoes” to go with it! Here are a few of my favorite shoes that will be a Defined Distinguished Crowd Stopper… found at Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue Respectively… Enjoy my Fab selections:    

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What does Kim Kardashian and brides have in common?

What does Kim Kardashian and the savvy economic brides have in common?

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Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

TTT Events Planning –  Top Pick for Intimate Shower Gifts So you receive an invitation to an “intimate bridal shower” for one of your closest friends, but you have no idea what gift to get her. You know you need some distinguished lingerie!  Something totally different from what your other girls friends are buying. Well […]

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Wedding Color Trends

Wedding color sets the tone for the entire Event… So choosing the correct color is extremely import for your Event It’s great to Mix it up at times…            

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Think Events Planning – Wedding Songs

As a Wedding and Events Planner your Clients sometimes need your assistance in choosing the right song for a romantic wedding . Here are some of our all time favorite Loves and our Favorite Wedding Songs… Please enjoy!!!

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Will the S&P Downgrade affect Wedding Industry?

With the Market’s Hiccups of the past week and the S&P downgrading of the US from an AAA to an AA+ rating…

Will we see sustainable growth in the Wedding and Events Planning Industry?

Will Brides continue spending their money on Wedding/Events Planners or will they turn to the DIY to save money

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Thinking outside the Box

Who knew that Collard Greens & Cornbread would make a great love song – Now that’s thinking outside the Box – I say this will be a great first dance Jam!!! Way to go Fantasia…

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