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Destination Honeymoon Beach Ready

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Apr• 16•12

Happy Wedding Monday!

It is Honeymoon season! Have you decided what to pack or how to dress while on the beach?  Here are some very Basic essentials to make your romantic get-away an event to remember!

With this Ring I Thee Wed

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Apr• 02•12

Engagement Ring

An Engagement ring tells the world that you are engaged to be married!

Yes the Bride-to-be is beaming with excitement to show off her ring to the World.

The Groom may secretly/privately shop for a Diamond or any other Gem stone to present to his love of his life…Receiving a

Surprise proposal is still a favorite of Brides- to-be in many Western Cultures.

The style and size depends on a person’s likes and affordability.  The most important thing is the love behind it that will forever be remembered.

So You Are Engage –  The Ring….Your life has completely changed!

The next step is setting a wedding date.  Should you have a large wedding or a small intimate wedding?  Should you have a large wedding

or a small intimate wedding?  Should you have an engagement party; should it be formal or informal?  The list of quests are endless.


Destination Wedding Dresses

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 28•12

Planning a Destination wedding to the Beach in 2012…

Not quite Sure of what to wear and still look Elegantly Distinguished!

Here is a Simple Elegant Inspiration… Let me Inspire you!

Think Events Planning – Jubilee Inspired

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 27•12
Jubilee Inspired -2012

Its The Jubilee Year!

It’s a year-long celebration of Liberty and Happiness…

The Jubilee Year got it’s Origin from Biblical Times…Lev 25:10

Its  meaning was – a Liberation or a Proclamation of Liberty for the Land, Slaves, and Possession which were to be returned to each family.

The Jubilee year is seven of the seven-year period… (7×7 =49) and on the following year the fiftieth is the year of Jubilee.

Keeping the Jubilee showed faith in God and it would thus have been a time of Thanksgiving and Happiness on the part of the observers!


TTT Events Planning - Jubilee Inspired

We hope we Inspired you!



Beige Couture

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 23•12

Happy Friday! Beige Couture!

Just another one of my favorite colors (Beige) for the Spring and Summer 2012! Hope you enjoy my Beige Couture Inspiration for Today!!!

Think Events Planning – Spring 2012

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 20•12

Happy Spring 2012!

It’s Spring and the weather is perfect outside, which means that the Wedding Events Planning Season has began!

Enjoy a few of our Spring 2012 Color Inspirations

Getting Ready a beautiful Spring/Summer 2012 Season

TTT Events Planning – What’s the most requested Wedding Theme for 2012

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 19•12

Most Request Wedding Theme for 2012

If I had to vote on which is the most requested wedding theme for 2012? I would have to say “The Peacock Look”!

This is my third or forth posting on the Peacock and this only March….

Gone were the days when the Peacock look was mostly requested by our South East Asian Brides or Middle Eastern Brides.

But now brides from across all cultural backgrounds are really digging the beauty the peacock themed wedding.

Why such a fascination with the male bird?

The colors of the feathers are distinguished, extremely colorful, amazingly stunning and it gives me as a designer a great deal of designing options!

Yes this is one Male in the universe that gets the attention from a bride on her special day, because he gives her a distinguished elegance to work with like none other!

Where did it get it’s name from?

With regards to it’s name… It got it’s name from the Spanish! When the Spanish arrived to the New World and saw the turkey like bird,

the only animal it did remind them of was the turkey which to them was the peacock.  Since the Spanish word for turkey is pavo, which come  from

the Latin pavo meaning “peacock”!


Peacock Every thing look


Think Events Planning – Stay warm trendy chic

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 15•12

The Clocks were set for Spring but the Air outside is still a bit nippy…

Here are a few things to keep you warm, trendy, and chic

TTT Events Planning - Keep Warm and Trendy

Warm Elegance Chic

Is there any difference between an Escort Cards and a Place Cards?

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 14•12

Is there any difference between an Escort Cards and a Place Cards?

Many often wonder if these names are just being use interchangeably, or is there truly a difference!

Well yes there are differences in these two cards…

An Escort Card tell the guests which table they are assigned to. For example (formal),

Mr. and Mrs George Jackson Table #1, (informal) Sara and George Jackson Table #1.

A Place Card is already at the dinner table letting your guests know which specific seat him or her is assigned to.

Many choose to use both type of cards at a very formal Event, while others just forgo the Place cards altogether, and just use the Escort cards.

No matter your choice, remember to arrange the Escort cards alphabetically, and to account for each guest’s name.

The Difference between an Escort and a Place Card

Grooms Wedding Attire

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 09•12

Grooms What will you Wear on Your Wedding Day?

The choices are Endless!

Enjoy some of my favorite selections

Grooms Attire

Now the Question is what will you wear on your wedding day guys?

Will you wear a Traditional Tux, a 3 piece Suit, will you wear an Ascot or a boa-tie?

Are you planning on wear a Shewari?