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The Wedding Cake

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Jan• 30•13


What's the Significance (Photos: Pinterest)

The Wedding Cake (“Bride’s Pie” Ancient France) got it’s origin in ancient Rome, where bread was broken over the Bride’s head to bring the couple good fortune.

In Medieval England the cakes were stacked very high and the couple would have to kiss over it without knocking it over…if they succeeded they guaranteed that they would have a prosperous life together forever. ūüôā¬† Guests were given a piece of cake out of politeness.¬† It was considered very rude and bad luck not to eat the (Bride’s Pie) wedding cake.

For a full description/explanation of the significance of the wedding cake and it origin…CLICK Here¬† Wedding Cakes – Wikipedia

Wedding Cakes (Photos: Pinterest)

Michelle Kwan Wedding – January 19, 2013

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Jan• 21•13


(Photo: People Magazine and Google Images)

She Skated her way into our hearts, now she is all grown up!  Yes, Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist РMichelle Kwan Married her political beau Clay Pell this past weekend in a Stunning Vera Wang Dress!

TTT Events Planning Extend a Warn CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHELLE KWAN!!¬† We are all eagerly anticipating more pictures from the lovely couple’s wedding:-)

(Photos via: Providence Journal, Bitten and Bound, ZinBio)

She is our Spotlight Bride for “Both Multicultural Weddings and Our Sports/Athlete Couples”


TTT EVENTS PLANNING Golden Globe Best Dress Picks

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Jan• 15•13

NBC’s 2013 70th Golden Globes Awards were SPECTACULAR as Usual!

Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Just Jared)

The Stars graced the Red Carpet in Couture Be-speaking “Old Hollywood Elegance” and Grace!

Here are my favorite best dressed with Simplicity and Elegance as the main theme! Not too much, just the right amount of makeup and jewelry!

They really let the dresses speak for themselves! These dresses said, “Less is More”

Our Golden Globe Best Dressed Choice (Photos: via Pop Sugar and Coco Perez)

Multicultural Monday Trivia

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Jan• 14•13

In Which Culture Did the Carrying of a Bouquet Originate_____?

A)  Japanese   B)  Roman   C)  African

Where did the Bouquet Originate? (Photos: Pinterest)

If you answered (B) Roman, you answered correctly.   You see in the Early Roman wedding tradition, brides carried a bunch of herbs, made

from garlic and or rosemary, (later came the orange blossom)  under their veils which was a symbol of fidelity and fertility and to ward off evil.

Today instead of using the herbs, today’s brides use the modern bridal bouquet.

Variations of the Modern Bouquets (Photos: Pinterest)

Be-Sparkled Bouquets (Photos: Pinterest)



Multicultural Brides Influence on the Modern Bride

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Jan• 07•13

Multicultural Wedding from Around the World - (Photos: Pinterest)

Modern Western Brides/Weddings have been  influenced by the many traditions of Multicultural Wedding!

We can see the influences throughout history and down today… Be-it-in the beautiful jewelry, the vibrant colors of the Bridal party, the design and decor, or the

music and dancing.¬† We observe from the Far East to the Middle East and Africa, all weddings and their culture have influenced and have made the “Now Modern Wedding” what it is, and how it is celebrated today!

1.  The way a Bride dresses for her wedding gives her a distinctive style and can uniquely Identify her among all cultures.

2.  Jewelery represents status symbol, it is a sign of material prosperity!

For more tips on Multicultural Weddings…click here

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Power up your Wedding with Pink!!!

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Nov• 08•12

Oh the Distinguished Power of Bridal Pink!!!

Would you dear to wear pink at your wedding? Ms. Timberland did and has the whole wedding world in a “love pink” Frenzy!

Today I am inspiring the “Distinguished Powerful Pink” look!¬†

Distinguished Bridal Pink

Couture Tiffany Wedding Theme

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Nov• 05•12

“Couture Tiffany Inspiration Board”

I totally loved putting together this FAB Couture Tiffany Wedding Inspiration Board!

Couture Tiffany Inspiration Board

Wear a Non-traditional White Wedding Gown

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Nov• 02•12

Think-Out-Side-The-Box!!! Wear a Non-traditional White Wedding Gown

Want to WOW your guest at your wedding! How about wearing a non-traditional white Bridal Gown/Dress?

They will be blown away and you will set the tone for your big day… Fun exciting…Distinguished…Unique Chic!

Here are few we love…

1. By the Amazing Lebanese designer  Abed Mahfouz

by Abed Mahfouz

2. These Lovely Red Gowns

Red Inspired by Asian Weddings

3. By the FABULOUS Lebanese designer Elie Saab

by Elie Saab

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