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Multicultural Monday Trivia

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Feb• 11•13

From Which Cultures Did the Bridal Veil Come From_____?
A)  Greek & African   B)  Roman & Orient (Teutonic)   C)  Roman & Greeks

Multicultural Veil Origin (Photos: Pinterest)

If you answered (C) you are correct!

The Veil has been said to have had its origin in ancient Greek and Roman Cultures.  It was worn by a bride to protect her from evil spirits, which was believed to have had the power to harm her if she didn’t wear a veil.

Some say that a Bride’s use of the veil in the past was a symbol of her willingness to be submissive to her husband.  Today the wearing of a veil signifies: A wedding…Joy…and simply highlights a Bride’s beautiful appearance and features!

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