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Think Events Planning – Jubilee Inspired

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 27•12
Jubilee Inspired -2012

Its The Jubilee Year!

It’s a year-long celebration of Liberty and Happiness…

The Jubilee Year got it’s Origin from Biblical Times…Lev 25:10

ItsĀ  meaning was – a Liberation or a Proclamation of Liberty for the Land, Slaves, and Possession which were to be returned to each family.

The Jubilee year is seven of the seven-year period… (7×7 =49) and on the following year the fiftieth is the year of Jubilee.

Keeping the Jubilee showed faith in God and it would thus have been a time of Thanksgiving and Happiness on the part of the observers!


TTT Events Planning - Jubilee Inspired

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