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Written By: thinkeventsplanning - May• 23•11


1. You got an invitation to the wedding ceremony but not to the reception, and you’re strapped for cash!

‎Suddenly you have a dilemma… Should I go to the Ceremony? I want to, but I don’t have a gift!‎

Well you will be relieved to know, that according to the Standard Etiquette, “those people who are ‎invited only to the ceremony shouldn’t send a gift.” ‎

I know – it sounds terrible, but that’s what Standard Etiquette dictates.  However, if invited to the ‎reception, you should send or bring a gift.‎

Now you know! So reach for that beautiful outfit and head to the ceremony!‎

Remember gift giving is something done freely and from the heart.‎


2. Should you bring the wedding gift with you to the wedding or should you send it to the bride’s home?

It’s up to you!  You can do either, just remember to gift wrap them if you are bringing them with you to the wedding.

If you plan on mailing they to the bride’s home before the wedding, remember to address them to her in her maiden name.

But if you mail them to her after her wedding date, you should address them to the couple, you may send them to the new address

or send them in care of the Bride’s mother.


3. It is always appropriate to send a gift to the bride or groom who is marrying into the family.

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