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Red Inspiration

Personally I say if you are going to wear Red to an Event let it make a statement and be a memorable show stopper! Here is my Ideal of how to be a total show stopper at your next Wedding/Event! Wear that Red with Distinguished Elegance… And no one else does Red better than the […]

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Think Events Planning Spring 2012 Fashion

This week it is all about Elie Saab’s Stunning Couture Collection! This Lebanese Designer Knows Luxury Fashion! No wonder he is the owner of the Amazing Atelier in Beirut!

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Gold Wedding Theme

Our Happy Friday Golden Events Inspiration…    

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Events Planners how do you prepare your couples for Hurricane Irene?

With the impending Hurricane Irene set to hit land fall by this weekend (which happens to be one of the biggest Wedding Weekends in the US) how do you prepare your Brides and Grooms for this natural disaster?

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Brides & Guests Shoes that Makes a Statement

You have found the fabulous dress/outfit for the Events… but now you need that  “Jaw-dropping Shoes” to go with it! Here are a few of my favorite shoes that will be a Defined Distinguished Crowd Stopper… found at Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue Respectively… Enjoy my Fab selections:    

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Wedding Color Trends

Wedding color sets the tone for the entire Event… So choosing the correct color is extremely import for your Event It’s great to Mix it up at times…            

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Life is an Event – Enjoy it!

Life is an Events, so live it!!! Take time out to enjoy the amazing events of life … Daily living is an awesome event!  One that is totally unplanned and unrehearsed! So get out all and enjoy it!!!                

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Think Events Planning – Wedding Tips

WEDDING GIFTS 1. You got an invitation to the wedding ceremony but not to the reception, and you’re strapped for cash! ‎Suddenly you have a dilemma… Should I go to the Ceremony? I want to, but I don’t have a gift!‎ Well you will be relieved to know, that according to the Standard Etiquette, “those […]

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How to Have an Awesome Wedding in the Terrible Economy

As the economy of the world gets terrible, weddings must still go on… So how does the average couple have a “Rock Star” Wedding in this Bad Economy? Here are some tips that work: 1.  Did you know you can save tons of money when you get married on an off-peak day? How about a […]

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