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Multicultural Monday Trivia

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Apr• 01•13

In Which Culture did having the Bride stand on the Groom’s Left side originate__________?

A) Roman     B) African
C) German   D) Indian

Wedding Traditions (Photos: via Pinterest)

If you answered (A) you are correct!

The Tradition of the Bride standing on the Groom’s Left Originated in Ancient Rome!

“This was much more than meaningless etiquette. Among the Northern European barbarians (a name given to them by the Romans), a groom placed his captured bride to his left to protect her, as he kept his right hand free to use for defense. Also originating from this practice of abduction, which literally swept a bride off her feet, sprang the later symbolic act of carrying the bride across the threshold of her new home. It may well be that even the honeymoon had its origin with this capture scenario. It may well have served as a cooling-off period for the bride’s family. It was the groom’s hope that when the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon that all would be forgiven.”   ___Article via

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