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Multicultural Brides Influence on the Modern Bride

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Jan• 07•13

Multicultural Wedding from Around the World - (Photos: Pinterest)

Modern Western Brides/Weddings have been  influenced by the many traditions of Multicultural Wedding!

We can see the influences throughout history and down today… Be-it-in the beautiful jewelry, the vibrant colors of the Bridal party, the design and decor, or the

music and dancing.  We observe from the Far East to the Middle East and Africa, all weddings and their culture have influenced and have made the “Now Modern Wedding” what it is, and how it is celebrated today!

1.  The way a Bride dresses for her wedding gives her a distinctive style and can uniquely Identify her among all cultures.

2.  Jewelery represents status symbol, it is a sign of material prosperity!

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