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Deciding on Wedding Colors

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Mar• 07•12

The Bride….Which Color Should I Pick for My Wedding?

When selecting a color for your wedding think of one that will never be dated!

Here is a quick look at 2 colors that would never ever be out-dated!

1. Purple

It is the color that represents Luxury, Royalty, Wealth, and Sophistication.

It’s the color that also represents Passion and Romance. The color Purple is very much a trendsetter!

And there are so many shades from which to choose from! Make YOUR wedding Stand Out with PURPLE

Purple and Blue Wedding

2.  Blue

It is a vibrant color!  It is the color that 50% of the world’s population lay claim to as their favorite color!

It can never be dated since it is the color of our planet, the Seas and Oceans… Blue is chosen as the colors for your

wedding…having this color at your wedding will radiate positivity!  And as with purple, there are many shades of blue to pick from!

Blue Wedding Inspiration


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