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PINK Luggage – New Travelers Fashion Trend

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Dec• 20•11

Who would think that Pink would be the fashion trend in for luggage? After purchasing my own Set of Pink luggage to go with the colors of my company (TTT Events Planning, LLC)…. I thought I was on to my own special something with my pink luggage… Well little did I know that pink luggage is the new fashion trend!

So we went out and interviewed several Baggage Handlers and passengers at 5 of our Nation’s busiest traveled airports, (JFK, LGA, LAX, Chicago O’Hare, and Miami International) and 2 International Tropical Destinations (Owen Roberts Grand Cayman International, and Cancun International) and we find that most travelers are opting for the PINK LUGGAGE!  90% of all the Baggage handlers interviewed agreed that Pink is the new color trend in Travel Luggage.

Move over Black, Brown, and Red suitcases! Make room for the New Fashion Trendy Pink Luggage!

Yes Pink is now the New Traveler’s choice for luggage… it stands out and is easy to find among a sea of luggage on a baggage carousel!

Men too are proudly lugging their significant other’s Hot Pink suitcases through the airports.  And when we asked them how it feels to be carrying a pink suitcase? They reply… “It makes her happy so it makes me happy! And I don’t have to worry about all the black luggage in baggage claim, the pink luggage is so easy to find.”  One Male Traveler in First Class on his way to Cancun said, “it makes for a quick retrieve at baggage claim! And we zip right out of the airport…”

Hey all you fashion trendy traveler, run out and Nob your “Pink Luggage”. Remember it is easy to find in the sea of luggage at baggage claim.

An average 3 piece Pink hard-side luggage set runs you around $150 to $500 online.

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