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Events Planners how flexable sould we be with Clients?

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Sep• 30•11

One of our reader wrote in this questions:

Dear TTT Events Planning:

How do we gauge how much flexibility to provide my client?

They always want to change appointment dates or request a pricing change request more price breaks or something like…

Are we wrong to put our foot down with them and not give-in or should we be flexible and accommodating?



Tired of being a Flexible Planner


Our Response:

Dear Tired of being a Flexible Planner:

We are very sorry to hear about your situation… While it is human nature to feel sorry for the plight of our clients it is good business practice to have things in writing.

Did you stipulate in your contract the terms of your agreement?  Did you provide your clients with a pre-contract proposal which included pricings?

Are you in a position to be flexible and accommodating to your clients without hurting your bottom line?  Are you pricing your business correctly and providing adequate discounts?

Considering all of these items may help you to be professional and accommodating, while remembering  that you are running a business with employees and overhead to pay.


TTT Events Planning

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