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TTT Events Planning – So You Got Engaged

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - May• 17•11

He got down on one knee and pop the big question!  And you said  YES!!! So he presents you  the big rock and tears flowed!  You awaken the next day, and there you are ENGAGED!  You show your ring to all your friends and tell them the story of how it all happened, you tell it again and again… Everyone love your romantic story!

But now the question that everyone have been asking you is,  “when is the big day”??  And suddenly all your joy and excitement turns into anxiety, because you haven’t got a clue of where and how to start planning for your big wedding event.

Will you have something  small and imitate, will you have it indoors or outdoors, will you have it locally or will you do an international destination?

So you think about the beautiful fairytale wedding you’ve always had in your head from since you were a little girl…

You run over to your computer and begin searching the Web, typing in “planning for an Event”, wedding planning, (and if you live in New York City you typed in words like) “wedding planning nyc” then zzzZZZzzzz 🙂

But your search result brings up a whole list of Wedding and Events Planners and Planning  Companies for you to choose from, and you haven’t got a clue which one to pick.

So you phone a friend, and the stress just keep building and building…  and before you know it, you hate the word “Wedding”!  It is time to call in the experts…

How and where to find an Expert Wedding and Events Planner

1. You will want to do some background checks on wedding and events planners by calling several of the Wedding planning associations… for starters ABC and AWPI. They will have good information on their active members.

2. You may want to check with your circle of friends to see if any of them have used an Events or Wedding Planner before,  and ask them how they felt about them and if they would recommend them.

3.  Call your local Chamber of Commerce, they would have a list of members in your area.
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