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Kenya 12/1 to 12/10 for a Convention

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Nov• 28•09

Very trilled to be going to Kenya!‎

I am very excited and can’t wait to land in Nairobi Kenya!‎
Can’t wait to see the beauty of this country…‎

Today we went shopping for gifts for the children… I hope they really enjoy everything. ‎
What I love the most about shopping for kids, is that they are always very excited, thankful, and ‎appreciative of the gift you give to them. I can’t wait to see the lovely smiles on their faces when ‎they receive them. I know they’ll be very happy. ‎

Oops, when I was looking at the gifts, I have more things for the little girls. I need to go out ‎tomorrow and find some more gifts for the little boys!‎

I normally pack for my trips the night before or the day of, but for this trip I started packing a few ‎days ago, because I am so excited to be in Kenya for my convention and to share the lovely gifts ‎we are taking. We are actually packing very lightly for ourselves; to be sure that we make lots of ‎room for gifts we are taking to Kenya.‎

I need to make sure I remember to pack my camera… Can’t go all the way to Kenya and not have ‎my camera.‎

So we are counting down the days and hours left before we see those joyous faces!‎

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