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Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Nov• 05•09

You got an invitation to the wedding ceremony but not to the reception, but you strapped for cash! ‎Suddenly you have a dilemma… Should I go to the Ceremony? I want to, but I don’t have a gift!‎

Well you will be relieved to know, that according to the Standard Etiquette, “those people who are ‎invited only to the ceremony shouldn’t send a gift.” ‎

I know it sounds terrible, but that’s what Standard Etiquette dictates. However if invited to the ‎reception, you should send or bring a gift.‎

Now you know! So reach for that beautiful outfit and head to the ceremony!‎

Remember gift giving is something done freely and from the heart.‎

For more information on Wedding Etiquette, please free to contact us at ‎ or call us for an appointment 347-351-8897.‎

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