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Get Married an Off-peak Day – Mon or Wed

Written By: thinkeventsplanning - Oct• 30•09

Did you know you can save tons of money when you get married on an off-peak day?

How about a Monday, Tuesday or a Wednesday for your wedding?
Most of your close friends and relatives will come to your wedding on any day of the week. They will love and support you on this your most important day.

When we got married 15 years, we did so on a Friday… It was almost unheard of, to get married on ‎a Friday, but now Friday is one of the most popular nights to get married on. Friday night’s prices ‎surpassed Sunday’s by far, and are quickly catching up to Saturday night’s.‎

Nine years ago, one of my very close friends got married on a Monday evening, at a 5 Star Hotel. It was awesome, and the cost was incredibly lower than any other weekend night. The best part of it all–it didn’t feel like a Monday at all!!!

Set your own Trend!

Give us a call and we will design a distinguished event for your wedding, your guests will forget what  day it is when they see our design!

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  1. Carla of SavvMari, LLC says:

    Hello. Thank you for this helpful information. It’s great to know that no matter what day of the week I have my event that my loved one’s will attend.

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